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    Forensic Document Examination Services


   Shiver & Nelson's services include

  • Authentication of genuine signatures

  • Detection of forgery, such as forged signaturesand handwriting

  • Comparison and identification of handwriting and hand printing

  • Detection of alterations to documents

  • Detection and decipherment of indented handwriting

  • Non-destructive ink comparisons

  • Decipherment of obliterated entries

  • Typewriter and computer printer examinations

  • Photocopier and facsimile machine examinations

  • Examination of medical records for alterations, substituted pages, and non-contemporaneous entries

  • Examination of counterfeited documents

  • Computer image enhancement of faint or erased entries

  • Preparation of displays for court demonstration

  • Expert witness testimony


   Special Capabilities

  • Electrostatic document imaging using the Electrostatic Detection Apparatus (ESDA2) - the ESDA detects indented handwriting and invisible writing images, useful in the detection of substituted  pages, alterations to multi-page documents, and clues as to the origin of anonymous notes

  • Examination of inks using a Foster & Freeman Video Spectral Comparator 4 - detects differences in the infrared reflectance and infrared luminescence of writing inks, which is useful in the detection of altered documents and the decipherment of obliterated entries


Altered entry using infrared reflectance and infrared luminescence               Obliterated entry using infrared luminescence

  • Microscopy - stereo-binocular microscopes capable of enlarging images up to 120X, which is useful in the detection of traced and simulated forgeries and the detection of slight differences in the color of inks

  • Computer imaging - color scanner and imaging software useful in the enhancement of faint carbon, NCR, or erased entries and in the detection of differences between inks


   Clients Include

  • attorneys

  • insurance companies

  • law enforcement agencies

  • medical practices

  • educational institutions

  • businesses

  • government agencies

  • loss prevention specialists

  • private investigators

  • media services

  • private individuals


    Located in the Atlanta, Georgia metropolitan area

  • Shiver & Nelson routinely provides forensic document examination services to clients from Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and other southeastern states. 

  • In addition, Shiver & Nelson has many clients nationally and internationally.








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