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   Fingerprint Examination

Paper is one of the best substrates for the retention of latent fingerprints.  When there is a need to develop and identify fingerprints on documents, the services of a latent print examiner (fingerprint expert) are required.


When a fingerprint expert is needed, Shiver & Nelson refers clients to Mr. Robert D. Whritenour, Certified Latent Print Examiner, Dallas, Georgia.  Shiver & Nelson often works in close association with Mr. Whritenour to complete both questioned document and latent print examinations.


Mr. Whritenour is a retired U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory (USACIL) latent print examiner.  He is certified as a latent print examiner by the International Association for Identification (IAI).


Mr. Whritenour has over 30 years of experience in all facets of the forensic discipline of latent print examination to include processing items of evidence/crime scenes for the presence of latent friction skin impressions (fingerprints, palm prints, and footprints) and the comparison of latent prints to inked prints.  Mr. Whritenour is trained and equipped for the detection of latent prints on documents and other items of evidence.  Mr. Whritenour is also available for the review of cases completed by other latent print examiners.


While serving as a Special Agent/Latent Print Examiner with USACIL, Mr. Whritenour was responsible for the administration of a rigorous two-year resident course of instruction in latent print examination.


Since his retirement from USACIL in 1992, Mr. Whritenour has served as a consultant in latent print identification to state and federal agencies, large corporations, attorneys, private investigators, and private individuals.


Mr. Whritenour's other qualifications include:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Criminology

  • FBI Basic Fingerprint Classification Course

  • FBI Advanced Latent Fingerprint Technician Course

  • FBI Administrative Advanced Latent Fingerprint Identification Training Course

  • FBI Latent Print Photography Course

  • Laser Latent Print Development Course

  • Latent Print Development Via Alternate Light Sources Course

  • Qualification as an expert witness in latent print identification in federal, state, municipal, and military courts.

Download a PDF of Mr. Whritenour's curriculum vitae. For fee information, call Mr. Whritenour at 678-363-4895 or e-mail him at  Additional information is available at Mr. Whritenour's website,






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