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Farrell C. Shiver is a member of ASTM International Committee E30 on Forensic Sciences and Subcommittee E30.02 on Questioned Documents.  ASTM International, formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials, is one of the world's largest organizations dedicated to the development of voluntary consensus standards. 


The need for professional standards was made clear in the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Daubert v. Merrill Dow Pharmaceuticals, 509 U.S. 579, 1993, which discussed criteria for the admissibility of expert testimony.  These criteria, which are considered by the judge in federal and many state trials, include "... the existence and maintenance of standards controlling the technique's operation." 


ASTM was chosen as the vehicle to refine and publish professional standards developed by the Scientific Working Group for Forensic Document Examination (SWGDOC).


Current E30.02 standards include:

  • E444 - Standard Descriptions of Scope of Work Relating to Forensic Document Examiners

  • E1422 - Standard Guide for Test Methods for Forensic Writing Ink Comparison

  • E1658 - Standard Terminology for Expressing Conclusions of Forensic Document Examiners

  • E1789 - Standard Guide for Writing Ink Identification

  • E2195 - Standard Terminology Relating to the Examination of Questioned Documents

  • 2285 Standard Guide for Examination of Mechanical Checkwriter Impressions

  • E2286 Standard Guide for Examination of Dry Seal Impressions

  • E2287 Standard Guide for Examination of Fracture Patterns and Paper Fiber Impressions on Single-Strike Film Ribbons and Typed Text

  • E2288 Standard Guide for Physical Match of Paper Cuts, Tears, and Perforations in Forensic Document Examinations

  • E2289 Standard Guide for Examination of Rubber Stamp Impressions

  • E2290 Standard Guide for Examination of Handwritten Items

  • E2291 Standard Guide for Indentation Examinations

  • E2325 Standard Guide for Non-destructive Examination of Paper

  • E2331 Standard Guide for Examination of Altered Documents

  • E2388 Standard Guide for Minimum Training Requirement for Forensic Document Examiners

  • E2389 Standard Guide for Examination of Documents Produced with Liquid Ink Jet Technology

  • E2390 Standard Guide for Examination of Documents Produced with Toner Technology

  • E2494 Standard Guide for Examination of Typewritten Items

Other standards related to forensic document examiners are currently in development.






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