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Are Forensic Document Examiners Handwriting Experts?

 Yes, forensic document examiners are handwriting experts, but forensic document examiners do not usually use the term handwriting expert to refer to themselves.  The courts and attorneys commonly use the term handwriting expert; however, most forensic document examiners believe the term handwriting expert is too limiting.  Forensic document examiners perform a much wider range examinations than handwriting examination, comparison, and identification. 

It is true that handwriting examination is the bulk of the work performed by most forensic document examiners.  Forensic document examiners examine handwriting and signatures to identify and eliminate potential writers and detect forgery. They also testify about handwriting examinations as an expert witness in court, but qualified forensic document examiners are also experts in the examination of typewritten and computer-generated documents, counterfeit documents, alterations and obliterations on documents, and to detect and decipher indented handwriting impressions.  Forensic document examiners also conduct examinations of documents created by photocopiers and fax machines, examine ink and paper, as well as the examinations of documents to determine if handwriting or other entries on documents were made contemporaneously.

By the way, forensic document examiners might also be called questioned document examiners, forensic handwriting analysts, and forensic document analysts.  Some may use the terms document experts, handwriting authentication specialists, signature experts, handwriting identification experts, and forgery experts.  The most correct terms are forensic document examiner or questioned document examiner, and in some laboratories, forensic document analyst. 

 Shiver & Nelson

Shiver & Nelson Document Investigation Laboratory is a forensic document examination service located near Atlanta, Georgia.  Mr. Shiver has more than twenty years experience in the field of Forensic Document Examination.  He as testified as an expert witness in court on more than 100 occasions.

Typical cases examined by Mr. Shiver involve the comparison of handwriting and signatures on questioned documents such as contracts, receipts, checks, wills, and deeds, as well as the forensic examination of medical records, contracts, and other documents for possible alteration, differences in ink, dating the document, indented writing, and the detection of non-contemporaneous handwritten entries.

Documents are also examined to decipher obliterated entries, to identify the typewriter, photocopier, or other device that produced the documents, to determine their source, their authenticity, or to discover other information about the document's history. When called upon, Mr. Shiver is available to testify regarding his findings as an expert witness in court.

Shiver & Nelson's clients include attorneys, insurance companies, law enforcement agencies, medical practices, educational institutions, businesses, government agencies, loss prevention specialists, private investigators, media services, and private individuals. Shiver & Nelson routinely provides forensic document examination services to clients from Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and other southeastern states.  In addition, Shiver & Nelson has many clients nationally and internationally.








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